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Rubber-Core Mesh and Gutta-Percha Golf Balls

3 Ball Sleeve @ £10.98
6 Loose @ £21.72
12 Loose @ £42.95

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6 x 'VICTOR' rubber-core mesh pattern replica balls for hickory play @ 21.72 not boxed (3.62p each ball) + postage.
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Product ID: X002
6 x 'VICTOR' rubber-core mesh pattern replica balls for hickory play @ 21.72 not boxed (3.62p each ball) + postage.

Price: 21.72

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The VICTOR rubber-core mesh pattern ball enables today’s hickory golf enthusiast the chance to play with a replica of a ball used during the 1920’s era without having to outlay a huge sum to enjoy the experience.

This mesh pattern was patented by Albert Penfold of the East India Rubber Company in 1912 and became the favourite for many leading professionals into the 1920’s. The most famous model was the Dunlop Maxfli first made in 1919 after Penfold was lured to Dunlop.

For enquiries from USA and Canada please contact us BEFORE ordering.

The sensation is great when striking these balls with a hickory club and the super soft feel is particularly beneficial in cold weather. The eye catching retro look is unique and the ‘antique white’ finish represents a ball from the 1905-1930 hickory era. Take a smooth swing and let the hickory shaft and ball work together.

Approved for Play
The Society of Hickory Golfers (SOHG) approve this ball for play.
The official ball chosen for the US Pro Hickory Open – February 2012.

Ball Size : 1.68” diameter.
Ball Weight : 1.62 ozs 46 grams
Two piece ball – core and cover
Mesh pattern. Colour ‘Antique White’
Soft Compression on the outside but with a highly energetic core.

Ralph S. Livingston 111,
the renowned and highly respected hickory player, club restorer and author of ‘Thomas Stewart Jr. Golf Cleek and Iron Maker’ congratulated Chris McIntyre by saying “The work he has done to accomplish making them so authentic to the old real thing I find admirable, both the gutty and rubber ball eras.” Ralph passed away on 17th August 2012 aged 54.

Randy Jensen
who has won more contemporary wood shaft golf tournaments than any other player including 8 time National Hickory Champion, 7 time GCS World Hickory Champion, 7 time Heart of America Hickory Champion, 2 time Scottish Hickory Champion, Scratch Division and Canadian Hickory Champion says “I have been associated with hickory golf since its earliest days. Back then the opportunities for historically authentic play were very limited. But from the hard early work and passion of Chris McIntyre which has now been amplified by the expanded vision of Dave Brown the modern player can enjoy a wide range of historical balls. Both as a hickory enthusiast and a golf professional I highly recommend these balls”

History of the Rubber-Core Ball.
The rubber-core ball was invented and patented in 1898 by Mr Haskell in America and would revolutionize the game. For more information about the rubber-core ball please refer to the History of the Golf Ball page on this site.

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